Flowers Gallery is delighted to announce an exhibition of rarely seen prints by renowned artist William Crozier.This is the first UK exhibition devoted to Crozier’s printmaking, bringing together works from a crucial period of experimentation and collaboration.

Crozier approached printmaking as a parallel activity to painting, relishing the freedom granted by the unpredictability of the medium. Intensely vibrant, Crozier’s prints share the characteristic energy and luminosity of his paintings, comprised of bold symbols, patterns and abstracted planes of colour.

Norman Ackroyd, CBE, RA wrote that for Crozier, making prints: “...could simply be another and very beautiful way of drawing in colour”.1 The prints in this exhibition, selected from the period 1994 to 2010, develop the themes of landscape and still life, which Crozier explored with enduring enthusiasm throughout his life. Crozier’s depictions of Mediterranean, Irish and English countryside summon the powerful experience of nature, while his modest tabletop arrangements are rendered with a bold monumentality that extends beyond the domestic proportions of the still life genre.

From the 1990s onwards, Crozier worked closely with printers at Graphic Studio Dublin, the Stoney Road Press and the Berardinelli family in Verona, Italy, each prompting distinctive approaches to image-making. Crozier likened these collaborations to playing in a jazz ensemble, saying: “ guy doesn’t know what the rest are going to do. With the colours of the band, a good musician is listening to the other person, and he’ll wait and come in on the right, and then someone else will come in.”