Anat Ebgi is pleased to present "Epithalamium," a two-person show with Cristine Brache and Brad Phillips, organized by Blair and Eli Hansen.

Taking its name from the epithalamium, a poem written for a bride, Cristine Brache and Brad Phillips, wife and husband artists, examine the potential of marriage, allowing their lived experience to speak to larger narratives of bodily trauma and mortality, while alluding to the intimate qualities of a unique partnership.

Pain has exterior indicators we can all recognize, chiefly via language. Yet language is often insufficient to adequately articulate, or empathize with, another’s suffering. Brache and Phillips transmit these difficult and impossible positions inside the language-based programs of culture, allowing for moments of vulnerability.

Art is supra-integral. Art is supra-personal. Art, like pain, is supra-linguistic. "Epithalamium" is about the fracture of language as it relates to expressions of pain, and marriage as a coping mechanism.