Galleria PACK is proud to present the first solo show by Maurizio Cannavacciuolo in its own spaces. The exhibition will be split into two venues, in collaboration with the Galleria Giovanni Bonelli, and will present a selection of art works created in recent years together with a body of work specifically conceived for the spaces in Milan.

Ten large works made over the past four years will be exhibited at the Galleria Giovanni Bonelli. Three impressive works made exclusively in black and white will be exhibited at the Galleria PACK. The artist alternates in his production the choice of black and white to the exclusive use of primary colors.

Surrounded by an aura of esotericism, Cannavacciuolo has always created works, made mainly in oil on canvas, that are extremely elaborate in which the dense web of the background hides successive levels of narration.

Machine à penser (thinking machine) or enigma are the most used definitions for these works that are at the same time immediate and yet very difficult to interpret, which require time and patience to be read in every detail. The iconographic references range from the Greek amphorae to the Egyptian bas-reliefs up to the present-day cartoon stylization, with some recurring elements, such as insects, frogs, representations of bodies such as studies of anatomy and the artist’s self-portrait. The component of irony that runs through all of Cannavacciuolo’s production is not negligible. This is an aspect that the artist infuses in his works, disseminating visual traps and incongruous associations in them. The unlikely combinations of textures and subjects contribute to the creation of a complex enigmatic scaffolding to be analyzed by the viewer, who is captivated by such an incisive, clear and captivating visual impact of the paintings made with impeccable precision.