GR Gallery is pleased to present “Liminal Space”, Dave Persue first solo exhibition with the gallery. The show highlights Persue signature artworks including the iconic “Bunny Kitty” and “Wet Paint” paintings, going through the artist entire career and revealing also a new body of works appositely conceived for this occurrence. For Liminal Space Dave Persue will also create an unrevealed mural painting on the gallery walls; will present a new print and some classical merchandise.

Widely recognized as a legend in the street culture, Persue puts together graffiti elements with New Pop imaginary with an illustrative and energetic style giving birth to an exclusive aesthetic approach to Urban Art and a cutting edge interpretation of the artistic boundaries. This exhibition aims to explore exactly the changes that occurred during the years in the artist style and iconography that lead to a continuous evolution and bring together aspects belonging to completely different views and interpretation of art, culture, society, behaviors and work relations. In a certain way this vision symbolizes a journey that, in a way or another, a relevant and important portion of the contemporary art and culture has been going through in the past decade; a journey of transformation, adaptation and mixing apparently different elements in order to create a new a vigorous approach to art and life.