Based in Denver, Colorado Molina creates stunning mixed-media paintings, sculptures and murals in his unique, recognisable style. Many of Molina’s works display a folk art influence, with a juxtaposition between earth tones and occasional bright accents of colour.

This new collection of work by Molina is inspired by the idea that in the midst of chaos, the way to find truth and peace is by resetting the coordinates to our true north to get us back home. Molina’s work explores what resonates deep inside, and what stays flat when finding this true north.

‘Since ancient times we have guided our travels and orientation by using the stars. As long as one could find the north star, they could navigate their way. The speed of our times has obviously changed drastically. This age of rapid consumption and discardment of information has lead to a common sense of confusion. Are we better off with or without accessibility to all of this information? ’ - Jaime Molina, 2019.