A Kingdom in Pieces is an off-site community display on the ground floor of the Citigroup Building that features animals from the teaching collection of the American Folk Art Museum and works by the artists of Fountain House Gallery & Studio.

Whether friendly or fierce, sublime or surreal, animals have captivated the imagination of artists in every place and time. A Kingdom in Pieces explores the influence of animals on a range of creative work. Coordinated through a collaboration between two Long Island City–based organizations, this global menagerie of diverse occupants tells stories, evokes emotions, expresses ideas, and teaches us about ourselves in relation to the natural world.

The exhibition is organized by Steffi Duarte and Sarah Margolis-Pineo, assistant curators, Self-Taught Genius Gallery of the American Folk Art Museum, and Ariel Wilmott, director, Fountain House Gallery, with assistance from R. Sarah Richardson and Ellen Quinn, Citi Center for Culture.