Kate Oh Gallery is delighted to announce “Maximalism”, a solo exhibition by Italian American artist Arnaldo Boscherini. The show “Maximalism” will feature a series of the artist’s constant art practices and diverse directions he has explored over the decades.

Boscherini was born in a small town in Santa Sofia, Italy in 1946. Before moving to Paris and then New York where he currently resides, the artist grew up in Italy in the post World War II period where he had witnessed diverse major art movements. In preceding years, the minimal art emerged and induced a radical change in the art scene, introducing many prominent artists such as Frank Stella and Agnes Martin.

Minimal art emphasizes reduction to surface, concept and materials and eliminates any visual, pictorial distortions. In contrast to Minimalism, “Maximalism” is a new term coined by Boscherini. Maximalism, as the artist defines, is an art form overloaded for maximum impact in a culture of extremes. In this sense, the artist uses a variety of materials and mediums and paints from his memory, dreams and obsession that guide the artist through a complicated and confusing world. Heightened sensations, color and symbolic forms are the signposts of private reflection and retreat from the constant media bombardment of his American life. The profuse, lavish and splendid forms and colors spill from one canvas into the next investigates a flood of images the artist cannot repress.