RIBOT is pleased to present Euoī, Euoī, Euoī, a series of “cut paintings” and new pottery made by Irish artist Anne Ryan (born in Limerik, lives and works in London). Euoī is the Bacchantes’ ovation for Dyonisus; a shout full of passionate enthusiasm coming out from all of artist’s works, which are filled with dynamism and bright colors that enhance the curvaceous shapes of the represented bodies.

On the first floor, about thirty so-called “cut paintings” are exhibited. They have been intentionally laid on a wooden base stretching all along the gallery’s walls. There are harmonious groups of men and women spending their time amusing themselves in different ways: dancing, playing music, or just drinking a good glass of wine and smoking a cigarette. They are cardboard figures, cut and painted with acrylics; a new way of painting, which moves away from the canvas’ bidimensional surface and dances into the space. These works are influenced by two great interests of the artist: painting, especially figurative painting, which is full of narrative sense, and Italian cinema, something on which she focused during her stay at the British Academy in Rome in 2016.

The exhibition continues downstairs, where the vital spirit of the characters blends with terracotta, modeled and painted with quick and powerful touches. The figures look as if they had been stolen from vases and Etruscan or Greek frescos and, thanks to the new and fresh colors, they even look more modern. These thin figures, hanging on the white walls, make us think about painting, its destiny and its importance. For Euoī, Euoī, Euoī, Anne Ryan has carried out a special project, which enhances her joyful and conscious spirit. It’s It’s a series of works realized through the technique of linoleography on Japanese bamboo paper. These works have powerful colors and energy that is spread out by the printing.

Anne Ryan (Limerick, she lives and works in London). She studied at Limerick School of Art, Ireland, Birmingham University and Coventry University. She held solo and group exhibitions at: greengrassi, London, 2017; The Rectory Projects, London, 2018; British School, Rome, 2016; Royal Academy of Arts, London, 2013; Künstlerhaus Mousontorum, Frankfurt, 2001. Among the Grants: Abbey Fellowship in Painting, British School, Rome, 2016; British Arts Council Travel Award to Sweden, 1999.