The heart, the heart, the heart needs wings and so the prince of bones holds it until, by some magic, the wings grow. His breath never really gave much life so it must have been sheer trickery. But when Venus unconditionally gives her affection to Pisces, illusions become the sweetest realities.

The winged Saint put the serpent on the floor and she moved away, instinctual creature. Portraits of desires and fears laced with love hold absurd familiarities that I sometimes find in a fever, wish or a dream. Vulnerability is a human sin so deceptively original in its awareness, but you’ll find no martyrs here.

Surrender to the dream.

He puts on the silver bikini, simply because he can. Somehow his blue heart has turned his entire body blue, he loves it. Crocodile, you are so old and yet you do not seem to die. She’s reborn with so much flair and camp, always kissed by the Fates. They love your crooked smile…get your cards and tell me my fortune. I don’t mind the fickle.

When we come to the places in-between, it’s best to have some suction on your feet, paws, hoofs or claws to get with the strange perspectives, or you can just shift your shape into something winged, scaled or a hybrid. There, much better. Here we don’t hide the weird, we accentuate! In the fun house you can be just about anything or anyone you want to be…isn’t it marvelous when Venus is in Pisces.

Ochi Projects is pleased to present Venus In Pisces, a solo exhibition of works by Lydia Maria Pfeffer. The work will be on view from February 23 – March 23 with an opening reception Saturday, February 23 from 6-9pm. Lydia Maria Pfeffer is a Los Angeles based artist. ​Born and raised in a small mountain village in Austria, Pfeffer grew up with art and music as leisurely, everyday activities, more in the form of tradition than academic training. She left home at the age of nineteen and traveled the world, settling first in London and later in New York. Pfeffer received her BFA from Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and her MFA from School of the Art Institute of Chicago.