Both artists are keen to celebrate the new work that they have been creating and to show visitors the similarities in their works and how they link to the coastline around the South Downs.

The artists will be taking part in a series of discussions which they will do live on Instagram. The talk will take place on Saturday 16th March at 2.30pm and will be hosted by Tabish Khan with questions asked by the public during the course of the show. There will also be a live painting event performed by both participating artists at the gallery during the show on Saturday 9th March from 1pm.

Both artists use a variety of different painting techniques to achieve the results they desire with their work. Hannah says “I use vivid lines scraped across the canvas to emphasise the enormous power the coastline beholds”
Peacock says “My work is born in a pit of fire and emerges demonically from the flames” Ivory Baker and Peacock have both been featured in many artist publications online and in print. Namely Forbes, Londonist, Inspiring City UBS online, Artists and Illustrators Magazine and have both shown their work globally at art fairs and with other contemporary galleries.

Hannah Ivory Baker is a Landscape artist based in London. Using sketches done in a place she paints remembered landscapes and seascapes, taking the south coast as a main point of inspiration for her work. During her professional career she has worked with galleries worldwide as well as with high end corporate clients.

Sam Peacock is an abstract painter who explores the landscape using recycled and industrial materials to document the ever changing effect it has on the planet. Since graduating in 1998, he has been represented by galleries in London, Australia and Germany. He has had several solo shows worldwide, and been featured in various international art journals.