Pattern and repetition of forms is a subject I’ve pursued for decades. This new set of paintings called The Structure Series is inspired by the urban environment in which I dwell. The rhythmic, geometric and architectural shapes seen from the studio window are rehabilitated into this series of paintings. ​ My works are visceral and unplanned. The process and creative journey is what drives me to make new paintings. I view the Structure Series as a metaphor for the conflicting times in which we live. Social, political, personal, and economic upheaval is always experienced, processed and then restructured. These paintings examine the constructs of intellect and emotion through the repetitive use of the square, how it is presented and organized, and how color characterizes the psychology of the works.

The honed images from my visual vocabulary are made using straight edges and palette knives. Without the advantage of a brush, I create a connection instead between the straight edge and the hand. I can develop the emotional balance through color and the momentum of frenetic or calm, claustrophobic or spatial through the repetition, layering and organization of shapes.