Baik Art Los Angeles is pleased to present Re-Verb, a group exhibition including works by Tim Ebner, Carol Kaufman, Lies Kraal, Ross Rudel, Linda Stark, and Roy Thurston. This exhibition will be on display from February 9, through April 6, 2019. An opening reception will be held on Saturday, February 9, 2019, from 6 pm – 8 pm.

This collection of work highlights a historically prolific group of Los Angeles based artists, whose artworks have helped influence the now indicative aesthetics and ethos of Southern Californian art. Drawing from traditions of light-and-space and west-coast-minimalism, these artists implement clean lines, reductive shapes, and pristine surfaces to produce objects that advance conversations around contemporary painting.

Pioneered by other West Coast Minimalists such as Larry Bell, Robert Irwin, and John McCracken– the artists here also implement methods, often borrowed from other industries, to create objects that linger between both painting and sculpture. The scattering of vibrant hues and seductive surfaces challenge art-historical materials and processes while contributing to the city’s unique visual iconicism. From Ross Rudel’s wooden structures to Linda Stark’s woven paintings, this group’s continued enigmatic act of “doing” has aided in the creation of an art- form that is unequivocally, Los Angeles.

As the exhibition title alludes, the artworks here all present lasting material innovations that pose stylistic influences which reverberate throughout the international art canon. Spanning a multitude of private and institutional collections, these artists are unified by their substantial contributions to the famed collection of Giuseppe and Giovanna Panza. A family whose commitment to collecting Southern Californian art and exhibiting it globally in institutions such as MOCA, reflects an infatuation with these alternative practices and their seamless integration into daily life and the surrounding environment.