Award-winning glass artist Zac M. Knudson has been dazzling visitors at fairs around the world and shaking up the art scene for over 15 years. His latest project lands at Oliver Cole Gallery. The exhibition, “You Can’t Eat Money,” will feature an interactive experience centered around pieces from the artist’s poignant Bees Die We Die and Petty Cash series.

This cogent and provocative exhibition is the biggest undertaking for the South Florida native to date and will include interactive, site specific installations, as well as art pieces never before seen by the public. In his work, Knudson captures the zeitgeist of modern culture; our collective obsession with excess, convenience at the expense of the environment, and preoccupation with money... Just to name a few. All of these themes are executed with the intention to poke fun at the undeniable mess we as humans have found ourselves in.

You can’t eat money is a body of work that aims to illuminate an unavoidable truth: that we have all been lied to about pretty much everything. Every day is one big, fat manufactured reality. Our food is poison, our water doubles as our trash can, and our government has tricked us into trading most of our free lives for worthless paper. But, don’t worry, my intention is not to spread depression and fear— but instead to make fun of our broken mess of a life and show it in a unique, visually stimulating way. The works in this show are larger-than-life exaggerations of our daily lives that will have you laughing while simultaneously questioning your very existence. Warning ⚠ If you are easily offended… Come on in…

(Artist, Zac Knudson)