Moreno shares that through his art he "aims at drawing sculpture". Moreno strongly believes that sketch and sculpture are similar ; he creates fully graphic three-dimensional works that could be reminiscent of architects' sketches. He uses metal as one would use pencil to draw on paper, yet adding a third dimension.

Moreno who claims to be a sculptor as much as a draftsman creates real worlds, one could say « atmospheres », that makes us travel. Contemplating his pieces is like losing yourself in them. One does not simply look at them. We project ourselves into them, we imagine the person at the heart of the house. In his sculptures-architectures, Moreno speaks about human bonds, about relationships that are created, to turn self-individuals into a community. The artist’s works are entitled "En comunidad" (in community) or "Proyecto de familia" (family project).

As critic Jeff D. Min puts it in Hi Fructose magazine : "Moreno is constantly exploring, connecting with people and embracing whatever his heart and mind brings. Moreno combines multiple disciplines to give life to his growing vision. In his world, nothing is impossible, all you have to do is look within and reach out". The discovery awaits you at the Danysz Gallery until April 6th.