Galeria Luisa Strina announces the second solo show of Beto Shwafaty, titled Tomorrow I’ll remember nothing, from February 14 to March 23. The artist will present a series of new works: pieces morphologically diverse, however presenting similar gestures, characteristics and reasonings. By acting at once as allegories and as symptoms of a crisis of memory and identity, which influence conceptions of reality, they create bridges between historical events, disturbing the current national moment, in which attacks against civil, social and labor rights have been orchestrated. ­

Three-dimensionality is the fundamental constant that crosses this exhibition. The works presented are amalgamated as assemblages of signs, procedures and languages that articulate concepts related to both the arts (sculpture, object, installation) and to recent sociopolitical and cultural events. Subjects related to monumentality, progress, abstraction, citation, history, memory and violence are evoked by these new productions of the artist. ­ As in previous projects and productions, Shwafaty employs a diverse range of materials, languages, and procedures to articulate processes of appropriation, juxtaposition, translation, and transformation. Through the use of raw materials, found and appropriated objects, the articulation and occupation of the exhibition space, the use of forms and words, the artist proposes to us a reflection about the implications of culture as a stage, and target, of numerous disputes, as well as of subsequent revolutions.