From February 16 to March 30, Contrast Gallery will expose the new pieces of the painter Evaristo Benítez.

Two dimensions prevail in our environment: space and time. Thanks to these, to their stability and continuity, we are perfectly capable of moving with clarity and demolishness in our routine. We do it from dates and places that are coherent with our way of life; In simple words, we are subjected to the routine. But what would happen if these elements were altered? Would we enter into a state of total chaos, where would we not be able to recognize our own body? Would Hitchcock's famous "unknown dimension" be? What would happen to our conscience? The artist speaks to us from humor, counterposing in his works concepts such as sex and religion or subtlety and knowledge among so many others. Images that are so complex in concepts as simple objects: subjects out of place.

Contrast Gallery presents the exhibition Décalage seeking to create a dialogue with him public to discover these places where, suddenly and without anticipation, we could find characters typical of fiction, comics, or even with places we have never expected to visit.