At this year’s Duesseldorf Photo Weekend, Beck & Eggeling International Fine Art will present – following on the successful survey exhibition Thomas Wrede. Sceneries at the Von Der Heydt Kunsthalle in Wuppertal last year – a retrospective-leaning exhibition of Thomas Wrede’s works on the subject of landscape and nature, as well as new works.

Everything is a question of perspective. The realization that perspective influences perception, and ultimately our image of reality, is subtly reflected in Thomas Wrede’s photographs. Wrede creates new visual worlds that only exist through the photograph and in the photograph. In the interplay between staging and reality, truth and illusion, reality and fiction, these “illusory worlds” demand a growing awareness of what we see and how we see. His images break our habits of perception that are shaped by expectations. At the same time, the photograph’s claim to reality is challenged.

In his most famous series, »Real Landscapes«, Wrede constructs scenes that present themselves to the viewer as impressive landscape images. The photographs show a moment of supposedly familiar reality, seemingly reproduced without any artificiality or staging. At first glance, the places seem real. But the illusion in his images is never absolute and so disconcerting fractures suddenly appear. The highly detailed miniature worlds of familiar architectural, street, and nature scenes seem strangely exposed in the real landscapes. This deception originates from blurring the boundaries of different levels of reality in the photo. The generally panoramic view evokes associations with Romantic painted landscapes.

Wrede reflects a longing for nature in his various series of works while asking questions about its representation in the media and its portrayal. In the series »Wrapped Landscapes«, these images of longing can be found in photographs of model railway trees, photographed inside their packaging in front of landscape backgrounds, as they are usually presented in model train accessory packs. The artist thus creates original picture-in-picture compositions, wondrous landscapes whose artificiality cannot be concealed.

Complex spaces are also created using the picture-in-picture technique in his series »Domestic Landcapes«. Wrede photographed photographic wallpaper that used to be very common in German homes. The supposed outdoor views combine with the interior spaces and their furniture in an idiosyncratic way to create a new image overall.

Finally, the images in the »Seascapes« series show real beach scenes. With a view into the distance and the endless expanse of the beaches, these panoramic pictures reflect the aesthetics of the sublime. At the same time they irritate us. People suddenly seem miniature in the virtually boundless natural space.

Reality or scenery? Thomas Wrede’s works show how reality and fiction can be merged. The magic of his photographs is due to a skillful interplay of perspective, light, and technical perfection.