Markus F. Strieder (* 1961 in Innsbruck, Austria, lives and works in Rhône-Alpes) lets the material speak for itself – purely and intensively unfolding the sensual power of shape and material. A calm yet dynamic force faces the viewer, on paper, in space and does not need many words at all. In his ink drawings in black and sepia tones, Strieder folds and unfolds geometric shapes on a natural white background, creating a compact, simultaneously translucent space and interspace with a brush or a palette knife.

Strieders' steel cubes, rings and spinning tops are solid sculptures, mostly forged by hand from single individual blocks of steel that retain their impressive mass and rough surface texture despite their deformation. The objects stand, lie and roll on the ground, massive yet softly, sometimes playfully light – although the lightness is deceptive. The idea of the work’s immense weight up to several hundred kilograms shatters our common knowledge of physical laws.

Whether at the artist’s studio or in the forge: Ink, as well as steel requires quick and decisive actions as it is fluid in the process of making. Only Strieder’s decades of practice and consistency can create the necessary peace and concentration to deliberately include previously unscheduled courses, material weaknesses or even paper breakthroughs.

Strieder's works, his ink drawings as well as steel objects, show an uncompromising and pure aesthetic due to their production process and their flowing actions needed. Whether in the (pictorial) space, as a group or on their own, Strieder’s objects and shapes always remain consistent, powerful, timeless. TYROLIENNES is Markus F. Strieder’s first solo show at galerie burster berlin. In the courtyard garden of the gallery, Strieder’s ring-sculptures will be on view.