presents the first exhibition of sculptures, photos, pictures and collages «CROPPED.CORPO".

Works of young artists, sculptures in marble by South American artist Mia Castro, collages by Russian artist Anton Parfenov, creations in wood, metal and terracotta by Italian artist Gabriele Mosti and charcoal drawing by Italian artist Silvio Giannini are presented at the exhibition «CROPPED.CORPO» from 12th December 2018 to 6th April 2019 .

What unites these works, so unlike, executed in different techniques, in different genres? The parts of monochrome bodies depicted by Silvio Giannini with disarming realism and meticulous precision, the separate parts of classical Venus by Mia Castro connected with metal stitch, prehistoric skulls of the difficultly recognised animals which are cut out from marble, black-and-white graphic of the drawing by Anton Parfenov, which is appearing out through the colours of collages, separate parts of human bodies made in terracotta and metal by Gabrielle Mosti chained to the walls or taking relax on the antique chair?

Middle Ages, World War II or another revolution? No, action is happening here and now, in the 21st century…

Terrible monsters, broken chimeras, clones and alien beings look at the viewer: the world has broken up, the world was captured by new plague of media and the Internet. Even female portraits in their photographic precision are full of decadent feeling showing the tragic condition of the contemporary man, who lives in the interminable "night on the world", so deep and profound that does not let anybody understand the complete darkness they are living in.

Bright flashes of journal cuttings, rush into a monochrome graphic of the drawing, ceramic parts of human body give awkward signs of life, marble skulls have stoped waiting for continuation of life, female bodies lost their integrity. All works seem to be cut from inside out: pathetic echoes of soul and skeletons of all human try to get out.

The world separated, broken on parts appears at us: the world in which a person ceases to react, where provocations, slogans and death become the ordinary, and the person – a plastic doll smiling at the camera for a selfie.

The synthetic, virtual world where all communications are torn, and from homo sapiens remains only his primitive cave primogenitor who is eager "bread and circuses».

The world not of consumption, absorption, but of "information cannibalism" of 21 century with all its disgusting side effects: a race behind the power, glory, money, youth and beauty in any ways and the price.

The world which has broken up in two, politically, economically and socially, where the humanity and common sense remain only a rock painting, a monochrome drawing, a skeleton, an atavism...