UAL Chinese Student and Scholar Association is delighted to announce the inclusion of the most recent artworks made by art students in the upcoming exhibition, NowShowing: Fragmentation, at the Coningsby Gallery, which will take place 18-27 April 2019.

NowShowing is a group exhibition which commissions and presents contemporary art created by art students. Our vision is to generate inspiration and enhance the understanding of today’s art world by connecting audiences and artists. NowShowing 2019 has marked its fifth anniversary this year under the title “Fragmentation.”

We invite the emerging Chinese artists to reflect the present and foresee the possible future. Taken “Fragmentation” as the topic, we aim to lead the audiences to rethink about the fragmented daily experience of individuals and the specialization of autonomous disciplines.

Grown up in this fragmentation present, these artists participated are students, but also indigenous citizens of the fragmentation epoch, equipped with the inherent fragmentary process of perception and cognition. With this identity, their interpretation and creation are undoubtedly truly “contemporary”; their outlook of the future can escape the preexisted prejudices and thus bring more possibilities.