John Molloy Gallery is pleased to present WAXworks, an exhibition and sale of encaustic and cold wax process paintings by four contemporary artists.

The ancient art of encaustic painting, i.e. painting with pigmented wax, has seen a renaissance in the last twenty years.

Astrid Fitzgerald has work in numerous museum and corporate collections as well as private collections. Her constructions are based on the Golden Mean Proportion and are covered with encaustics. These multi-dimensional art objects have a depth of surface that brings one in. The careful proportions of these iconic objects convey harmony and balance. This is her first showing at John Molloy Gallery

John Molloy Gallery is pleased to again present the work of Melissa Rubin after her successful one person show here in 2014. Her new work continues her abstract explorations, using cold wax pigments applied on paper. There is a formality to the larger pieces that bespeaks process and contemplation. The smaller examples are more free form mixtures of color and geometry.

Rueben Sinha’s work is immersed in encaustic purity of carefully layered pigments on the panel, creating a depth of surface that presents a variegated color field. The more one explores the field, the deeper it becomes. We are also presenting two of Reuben’s ceramics, which share a tactile and variegated quality with the paintings. This is his first showing at John Molloy Gallery.

Margaret Henning began painting seriously a decade ago after multi-bouts with cancer. These life-threatening experiences allowed Margaret to explore new dimensions in her artistic life, Her encaustic explorations in color and texture have successfully realized these aspirations. This is her first showing at the gallery.

WAXworks will be on exhibit from Thursday, March 28 thru Saturday, April 27.