The Go Go Boots and Beehive hairdos of the ‘60s are back in Hampstead! A brand new exhibition opening next month at Catto Gallery has gathered together a group of ten artists directly influenced by the Pop Art movement: Deborah Azzopardi, Alain Bertrand, Sebastian Burdon, Chuck Elliott, David Gerstein, Perish the Thought, David Spiller, Russell West, plus works by two artists actually working at the time: Peter Blake and Walasse Ting.

This collaborative show is the first of its kind at Catto Gallery, and guests will be encouraged to dress up in their best ‘60s outfits!

The Pop Art movement evolved post-war in the late 1950s in the US and UK. Its ascendancy to the mainstream was crowned in 1967 when Peter Blake created the sleeve art for Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Half a century later, paintings by Warhol et al are museum pieces. But the spirit of Pop – its fascination with imagery from popular culture - advertising, packaging, comic books and mundane cultural objects - undoubtedly lives on in the work of many contemporary artists.