Luce Gallery is pleased to present the solo show of the Colombian artist Sebastian Fierro. In Collection of what is not the artist shows for the first time in Europe a series of new paintings, the result of one year and a half of work in his studio in Bogotà.

By painting it’s possible to introduce remote or unsustainable elements into a small frame. The vision of the painting as container allowed the artist to have instinctive possibilities of making landscapes or still life, bringing them is a single autobiographical system built on the personal memory. The agglomeration of layers of painting enrich the informations and each element represents a physical phenomena that characterize the existence of the work itself.

“With omnivorous huger on the move, now put. At this vantage point, one view from nowhere. In an incalculable universe I spread colored mud over flat surfaces, only to confront how much vaster what’s non-apparent is as opposed towhat’s apparent. Then, no reduction of form is needed since silence is present when loudly embodied. Here, I aim to explore a non-terminal still death-aware idea of representation that can be added upon painting’s essence.

First, I assume that one legitimate task of painting is to investigate its own limits while expanding our perception. That is the stage on the stage where we all can share notion of nature. And second, my idea of representation is an oscillation between the care-free factuality of the natural world and the so call civilized domestication of it. A fluctuation system of interactions, a ratio of order and disorder. A non-linear heat engine.

In it, I introduce self. As to pursue the depiction of a perception, a depiction of a state of mind where the other can wonder and interchange experiences of thought. If I never catch myself at any time without a perception, and never can observe anything but the perception, then my pursuit is certain. The self and the flat surface, are both simultaneously the subject and the object. The consciousness embodied.

No heroes, no myths. Nostories to hide. Regurgitated and welcome, each visual discourse handles the languages of figuration, color and composition to address epistemological questions. Here, only appearances are true. thought and action one”