The Sound All Around exhibition at Erarta Museum creates a dreamlike space pierced by light waves and sound vibrations. The project gathers about ten artworks creating various listening situations. If the collisions and collusions between visual and sound expressions set the tone for the entire exhibition, each work highlights the use of signs of its own, such as elements of musical notation. These can be fixed or flexible, take on the appearance of traces and imprints, or start continuous movements and vibrations.

Through this diversity of forms and states, the transition from one artwork to another, for the visitor, is based on gaze and listening: it is the connection to sound, even in its absence, which structures the exhibition path.

The project brings together such prominent media artists as Denys Vinzant, Matt Coco, Zoé Benoit, Pierre Bassery, Scottie Chih Chieh Huang, James Giroudon, Yann Orlarey, Pierre Alain Jaffrennou, Shintaro Imai. The works selected for the exhibition at Erarta Museum were produced, in major part, at Grame, National Centre for Musical Creation in Lyon (France).