Helena Wyss-Scheffler (*1983) knows how to fathom opposites with her atmospheric painting: Be it by giving her paintings an enormous radiance with delicate, flowing colour gradients or wafer-thin applied, penetrating colour ponds. Be it with a pictorial language that unagitatedly alternates between precise representationalism and blurred contours imbued with color. Thus, in one and the same picture, the artist allows striking, beautifully elaborated facial features to appear on us, along with faces that are sometimes only hinted at as a color surface, or contrasts them with intense color accents.

The persons Helena has made appear in her latest works in the series "Auftauchen" have been taken from old family photographs on the Internet and inserted into scenes of her current environment. With the depicted people she does not know, the artist interweaves an unknown, alien past with her own present. In watercolour and gouache on canvas, as well as for the first time behind glass, she creates new events and levels of time, which - staged as unspectacular everyday situations - allow us to write our own pictorial history. Helena Wyss-Scheffler studied fine arts at the F+F School of Art and Design in Zurich and lives in Würenlos.

Kai Klahre (*1981) draws the ideas for his paintings and sculptures from drawings. At first undetermined, lines become forms and forms become figures, animals and plants. Thus, with figurative motifs on an abstract background, he creates dreamlike scenes that, despite their narrative character, elude an unambiguous attribution of meaning, but allow his compositions to sparkle with liveliness. In the exhibition, new sculptures are juxtaposed with his paintings, which form the origin of every sculpture. Kai Klahre studied free painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg and is a master student of Prof. Thomas Hartmann. He lives and works in Nuremberg.