Kingsgate Gallery presents ‘Host’ an exhibition which invites its artists to explore the varying interpretations of the title theme, Host – party giver, parasite, myriads and multitudes, guest and visitor.

Curator and practicing artist Anastasia Lewis has invited seven artists; Christie Brown, Yvonne McGuinness, Simon Periton, Naori Priestly, Stephen Williams and William Stok to work with her to examine the theme. The show seeks to question how artists can explore new ways of working through a momentary, single and bold action of discarding the medium and form of their established practices.

The contributing artists work across a variety of mediums including film, performance, photography, sound, sculpture and drawing. For this opening exhibition they will seek to adopt the disciplines of their fellow exhibitors working with techniques and media that are unfamiliar to them. This unique premise for an exhibition will enable a critical discourse around ways of making, demanding collaborative approaches from participating artists in order to realize the exhibition.

The experimental nature of this curatorial approach means the outcome will be entirely unpredictable, pushed out of their comfort zones the work will be awkward, embarrassing, revealing and outrageous, seeking to both engage the general public as well as their peers through the participatory nature of the construct.

Artist Anastasia Lewis will be performing ‘Tea for Two’. A conversational event over timed intervals Fri, Sat and Sun, 2 – 3pm, discussing the nature of friendship – virtual and real.

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