The aesthetic created by the universe of the artist Tomasz M. Fudala is complex and versatile. In fact, it is able to combine in a unique way intuitive creativity with the latest scientific discoveries. His visual world fascinates the public with meticulous and detailed drawings, always based on philosophical references. In addition to drawings, his mediums of expression include painting, sound art and writing as well as a theatre performance.

The abstract linear structures of Tomasz M. Fudala’s paintings appear, at first glance, no so ordered and even chaotic, but at the same time strangely familiar. The viewer feels the impression of nerve tracks; branches or cracks in the ground of a dry riverbed. These overlapped organic braids sometimes become something mechanical with sharp-edged structures, probably constructed with a ruler and an angle gauge, although at the same time they look like free lines The artist works exactly on this contrast: the interaction of these two opposite poles that, with a deeper analysis represents the nature of every human being. Chaos and order, control and intuition, the free nature following deeper patterns and laws in contrast with the calculated system by the artist. Space where finally the unforeseen and the uncontrollable collide and cohabit.