Edward Cella Gallery is proud to present new paintings by Sara Carter in the artist's first solo show with the gallery. Now back in Austin, TX after working in San Francisco for several years, Carter’s artistic narrative is a personal and spiritual quest for beauty where she aims to build a transcendent environment through a wide range of expression and technical abilities.

In a recent interview, she states, “My work is an articulation of perspective, perception, and experience as it pertains to states of mind within and beyond what is considered ordinary.”

Ultimately, Carter’s focus lands on a soulful visual dialect that captures moments of light, color, and energy found in both order and chaos. The first series to emerge from her new studio in Austin, TX, The Arc of Mod, begun in late 2018, continues Carter’s personal exploration of the 1960s. This series symbolizes internal transformation—like the chapter-by-chapter development of a novel’s protagonist—of a life lived in its time. Carter’s expressive brush strokes and flooded color fields articulate a state of mind beyond ordinary reality, resulting in autobiographical paintings that are poetic and mystical.