Cleo Mussi studied textiles at Goldsmiths College, London where her interest in recycled fabrics, knowledge of pattern, print, weave and stitch took her into working with reclaimed ceramic. The narrative within her work is reflected within the ceramic that she incorporates.

Chinese ceramic meets Wedgewood, Poole sits next to Japanese porcelain and Staffordshire unites with Homebase to form a unique and motley collection of work.

Cleo Mussi is a storyteller. In the traditional sense of Folk Art, her work is a narrative reflecting of the world that we live in whilst connecting to bygone days. We are taken to a mysterious mosaic world; where manipulated ceramic ornaments known as Cutes and life size anthropomorphic Robo Bunnies come to life.

Mussi has honed her craft and incorporates the found marks, patterns, text and forms found in table ceramics and draws with the china to make new contemporary images.