GESTURE: A Group Exhibition includes prints by Mary Heilmann, Jacqueline Humphries, Brice Marden, Amy Sillman, Pat Steir, Charline von Heyl, and John Zurier.

Work by these artists complements Mary Weatherford’s new etchings; there is a connecting theme of gestural abstraction. Each artist demonstrates a unique ability to create a visual language in a non-representational narrative. Charline von Heyl takes a pragmatic and intentional approach to her art; like Weatherford, von Heyl believes the result is more important than the process. In her print Schatzi, the immediacy of the artist’s hand is represented through various expressive movements by using the intaglio processes of spit bite aquatint and soft ground etching.

Mary Heilmann used memory in a way similar to Weatherford by creating bold monochromatic prints of wave-like forms, exemplified in her 2017 series New Lineup, Lineup 2, and Yellow Lineup.