More than yet another historical exhibition, Vibrations sheds a new light on the heritage of the opticokinetic art movement and the multiple forms it may take today. The artworks on display here disrupt the visual sense. The eye of the viewer is continually solicited, confused sometimes by so much stimulation. Lastly, Vibrations is a glimpse into the future, in keeping with the choices that, since its creation, Danysz Gallery is standing for. By bridging now classic artworks and more contemporary ones, this exhibition calls for a new dialogue between generations.

"80 years separate Vasarely from the young Felipe Pantone and yet if they had met, their discussions about Art and its possible forms would certainly have been endless. The 1950s and its optico-kinetic movement brought a renewal of the perception but also of the conception of Art. It is interesting to see that today new generations of artists go even further on these reflections initiated by such as Vasarely, Cruz-Diez, Soto or Le Parc back then. Vibrations has been a long-standing idea at the gallery, and coming to light now it brings this intergenerational dialogue on current topics as the place of art in the city, art for all, or as Vasarely called it: a new moral of aesthetics and a dialectic between means and expressions”.