“How to Vandalize Vandalism” An augmented and animated solo show by Fat Heat. Inspired by the never-ending war on graffiti, Fat Heat transfers the battle into the safe space of the gallery. His artworks display fictional graffiti’s in familiar settings, however even this domestic environment isn’t able to serve as a guarantee for serenity: it is their unescapable fate to come alive and then become destroyed. All this in front of your eyes. Beware, the attacks will be animated and all damages will stay virtual.

Fat Heat has been making waves as a street artist since 1998, with whole rail cars from Hungary throughout murals in China, and exhibits in the UK. Painting outdoors in a country and in an era that was almost like a stepping stone away from becoming dead silent in terms of urban culture, Fat Heat took the risk and has never looked back.

Fortunately, the environments' inaction gave space for reaction: it resulted in the formation of street artist collaborations, inspired the one of a kind animated mural’s and illustration which aim to associate the offline with the online, the print with the digital, the completed with the perpetual. Rather than getting stuck by the illusions of foolish comparisons, he follows his inner tunes and is working day by day to stay true to his Art. Simply, from his heart.