In his first solo exhibition “Positive Perspective- A focus on life’s little things” hosted by Kate Oh Gallery, Thomas Mullarkey is proud to share the optimistic side of everyday struggles many people encounter. Focusing on the strength of people in common states of emotional and physical situations. Depicting life in relatable surroundings with the intention to portray the beauty of human reaction to faults, misfortunes and past experience. Through his work, he explores his own subconscious utilizing simple collages of ordinary moments illustrated to express how we perceive obstacles.

Thomas is a self-taught artist born, raised and still residing in the Bronx. Influenced by New York City and Pop culture. He creates his work utilizing a variety of techniques with various materials. Aiming to create aesthetically pleasing pieces through vibrant color and negative space. City backdrops and women are subject matter of choice, as evidenced in his body of work.

With a limited amount of formal training, his work is a reflection of his personal experience and constant pursuit of broadening his ability. Influenced by the strong women closest to him and the examples they’ve set. Love, patience and optimism learned by observation of his family, especially his wife’s interaction with his two children, the oldest diagnosed with autism in 2008, is what compelled him to start painting. Thomas has exhibited in group shows with the Local 32-BJ Annual Union art show and has donated works to the “Cookies for Kids Cancer” foundation. His work has been published in the “Out of Step Books-Under the Sea” art book. Incorporating a variety of materials (acrylic paint, oil paint, watercolor, crayon) his body of work on canvas range in date from 2012-2019.