Conservation - Conversation is an exploration of what it might be to some to be a conservationist. Whilst some would argue NGO’s are the path of prosperity, others might debate as to whether zoos or even game hunting be so. This brand new collection of works identifies 12 species painted on to vintage London zoo animal transit boxes. The selected unique animal poses ranges from sleeping, swimming, falling, mating and even trophy.

Each painting is supported by a pen and ink study of which 50% of the sales will be donated to WWF.

Five of Africa’s big mammals have been patchwork stuffed and mounted to remind the viewer that if something soon doesn’t change the only survivors will be owned by the trophy hunter.

Louis Masai is first and foremost a strong advocate of the natural world, and an observer of human interactions with it. From a young age, he was exposed to art being a medium by which he could express his desire to change our detrimental habits towards nature, while revealing a deeper truth. By drawing parallels, Masai hopes to draw the viewers attention towards mass ex- tinction, biodiversity collapse and collectively understand ones position as an individual within that situation.

We adopt what we are attracted to, domesticate, and replicate an internal hierarchy, externally. Masai re-conceptualises this tendency to provoke a new lens of looking at the world around us. He draws together the textiles, textures and colours that surround us in order to create a sense of familiarity. In his patches the imagery is made to be shared by everyone from all walks of life and demographics.