Area35 Art Gallery is happy to present the solo show by the artist Federico Garibaldi. The exhibition "Through, we hope that time is not late" includes the last group of works produced by the artist concerning research on image deconstruction. The architecture of the exhibition is divided into photographic works and photographic installations, a live map of a journey and its diary in the form of a square image. The spectator and the works, all immersed in a "through" and undefined space brought to light by grids, holes and subterfuges.

In the age in which we see too much, we see everything, we see more, Federico Garibaldi has chosen the deconstruction of vision, the extreme filter, a game like any other to try the look through the artifice of hiding. He does this by citing experiences that refer to pointillism, pointillism, typographical reticulation, but he enjoys turning the function of those techniques upside down: there the latticework of dots works by addition, creating a recognizable reality with their densities, while Garibaldi breaks down the objects of his apparent voyeurism to not share them with anyone, not even with himself. It is not what is beyond the net that interests him, it is the network itself and the moment of the through, of the through, of the fragmentary and random mediation that interrupts the continuity of the landscape (perceived, in this case, through the windows and curtains of a bus). It is hardly possible to guess, beyond this mosquito net effect, that it is an urban landscape, or rather its most illusory version, that mobile continuum that touches the eyes of the passenger without expecting anything other than a vague simulation of hypnosis. Stunning: but not too much. Is there a message in all this? Of course not: God forbid. Garibaldi trusts more in irony than in messages. On the other hand, irrespectively, irony is much more revealing than messages. The messages are always cluttered with a surplus of rhetoric (thus of deception): today more than ever, thanks to the hypertrophic triumph of post-political and twittering chatter, of hyper-connection and extrafake information. The crossing of Garibaldi, disconnecting the eye from his prey, carries out a work of hygiene in his own way, immobilizing the curiosity on a threshold that is too often profaned without the act of crossing it producing significant evolutionary progress in our species of belonging.

Federico Garibaldi In 2006 the giant of the pharmaceutical industry Sanofi-Aventis asks him to tell the world of science; powerful images are born that will soon be exhibited at the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa. From that moment on, exhibitions and shows follow one another all over the world. In 2012 he is at the Milan Triennale within a prestigious collective. In 2013 his first personal show, entitled "Dokumenta" arrives and a year later it is the turn of "A journey: space-time dialogue". In the spring of 2016, "BlueShores" her third solo show arrives at the Unicredit Pavilion, curated and produced by Area35 Art Gallery. In the same year in September he created and curated the images of "12 shoes - one for each hour of the day" the exhibition by Daniela Fedi and Lucia Serlenga at the Palazzo Giureconsulti in Milan. In May 2017 "BlueShores - The beaches of others" becomes part of "Geographies of the gaze. For a new inclusion iconography, a series of photographic exhibitions sponsored by the Regional Council of the Tuscany Region, hosted in the spaces of the cathedral of Massa. Finally in November he presents an abstract photography exhibition at the Luo Qi Museum of International and Modern Art in Hangzhou, China. In 2018 he realizes “Reggiani. A thread linking water earth and sky ”, a film that tells the institutional reality of the famous Italian company. The work represents his directorial debut and in September of the same year he was awarded the Silver Dolphin at the "Cannes Corporate Media and TV Award 2018".

Area35 Art Gallery by Giacomo Marco Valerio opens in 2009 and is proposed as a cultural center of contemporary Italian art at an international level. His activity and mission are centered on the creation of bridges and cultural exchanges between Italian and international artists at a multidisciplinary level. From 2018 the gallery, in addition to the large exhibition space, offers the Project Room, a room dedicated to the promotion of young emerging artists aimed at greater public involvement.