Selva-Mata, the first solo show by the artist Fábio Baroli, from Minas Gerais, at the Zipper Gallery, points to a new moment in his body of work, when the human figure gives way to nature; not without exuberance, attractively observed, in landscapes made with delicacy – but even though constructed; they are not truthful, or exact.

At the same time, the work unfolds some points of inflexion from previous series, such as the creation of large pictorial environments, in which the polyptych is central within the exhibition space and expands through the site itself via elements of painting, as well as by more evident procedures such as erasure.

And the concept economic and socio-political aspects are present, among other scopes, in order to ground the exhibition, however, this time the work seems to surreptitiously yield to more robust investigations of art making – such as oil painting, in this case.