In Seawall, a site-specific installation in the experimental public space On the Wall, Beth Barry presents a series of forty 8 x 10 inch panels that create one unified piece. The series is an exploration of when two elements merge, the edge where land meets water.

Barry states, “Landscapes are fragments of time - moments of movement. The shapes and light are instances that fade as soon as they appear... This series is an exploration of experiences one has in those moments. The palette is limited to enhance the synchrony between the panels. They all fit together in the idiosyncratic way of nature.”

Beth Barry received a Masters Degree in Social Work from New York University, a Master's Degree in Art Therapy from Pratt Institute and a Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art and Child Development from Connecticut College. She has exhibited at galleries extensively throughout New York and Massachusetts and has participated in museum exhibitions at the Maritime Museum in Amagansett, New York, and the Masterworks Museum in Bermuda.