Postmasters Gallery is pleased to announce PRIDE, a large-scale exhibition marking the #Stonewall50 anniversary through art and artists from the LGBTQ+ community.

Cross-generational, varied, and diverse, arriving in tumultous times when gay life is still under threat - PRIDE includes explorations of historic marginalization and contemporary threats of repression. It has love, play, and tenderness, queer resilience and resistance to hate, lovers and muses, friends and flings, comrades and communities.

Bridging generations, PRIDE presents Barbara Hammer’s masterpiece Nitrite Kisses (1992), an exploration of LGBT peoples’ marginalization since World War I, alongside Zachary Tye Richardson’s opening night’s performance Queer Offering [1], which focuses on a visceral memory of the homophobic taunt, “he got a lil’sugar in his tank”.

Classic forms of the past energize the present in Erik Hanson’s cartoon paintings and Scooter LaForge’s fancifully painted amphorae and vessels. Carlos Rolon’s flower-bedecked basketballs, originally created to help renovate public parks destroyed by Hurricane Maria, resonate with the personal memories of the Puerto Rican artist’s own diasporic childhood. LGBTQ icons are featured in works such as Molly Crabapple’s collaborative painting with Chelsea Manning, Marilyn Minter’s photograph of Ruth Bell, and Martin Schoeller’s photograph of Adam Rippon.

Humor and sorrow. Parties and funerals. Past and future. PRIDE celebrates and bears witness to individual experience and to shared stories and spaces.

Ruben Natal-San Miguel: “We’re going to see so many gay lives–mine any many others–reflected on the walls in so many ways."