“Moments without time” is a clear expression of the artistic style of Peter Demetz.

Born in Bolzano, Italy, Demetz grew up with the great and ancient tradition of woodworking. The way he carves the sculptures takes inspiration from the past.

In artworks by Demetz, what is contemporary is their immersion in the everyday life and their relationship with the idea of time. In the contemporary age, time seems to be a precious luxury. We live in a society where sometimes we need to choose between what we have to do and what we want to do. Sculptures by Peter Demetz focus on this aspect of the contemporary age, representing some of the most common moments of our lives. In his light boxes, the artist makes available a private and intimate point of view in people’s existences, disrupting the ordinary sense of time, and catching a moment that becomes endless,. The wooden boxes, created as theatre stages, make the viewer feel as a spectator of this incredible show called life.