The Painting Center presents Lunar Rhythms, a selection of paintings by Victoria Pacimeo in the Project Room. Since childhood she has been fascinated with lunation cycles and their sensory effect. Strokes swirl reflecting sea, land and sky, the tides of waxing and waning.

Colors, shapes, themes and work schedules are attuned to the phases of the moon. Paintings dance the edge, the tension of opposites, in the between - simple/fancy, figurative/abstract, delicate/coarse. Intrigued by the associations attributed to right and left brain, she will switch hands while painting. Her art process is grounded by her studies in ancient and modern women’s traditions at the Women’s Rites Center in NYC.

In 2003 on International Women’s Day, she was invited by Union Theological Seminary to present “Seeing Each Other Into Beauty”, an art workshop using the artist/model relationship as experiential setting. This venture engages the interface of body image and creative power.