Galerie Dumonteil is proud to present “Animal Spirit,” a group presentation of the artists and estates represented by the gallery since its creation. This thematic show focuses on the representation of animals in modern and contemporary sculpture, beginning with The Group of the Twelve (Le Groupe des Douze); twelve sculptors in France at the turn of the twentieth century who discovered wildlife through numerous and newly opened zoological parks. All deeply influenced by Rembrandt Bugatti’s vidid depiction of wildlife; Georges Lucien Guyot, Charles Artus, and Maurice Prost amongst others, all redefined the traditional perception of animals as an extension of the human psyche.

A newly discovered focus on animals as an autonomous presence in the world broke open a new field of modern aesthetics, of which the Lalanne in the post modern era are the ultimate point of achievement.

For this exhibition rare and fine examples of this revolutionary way of representing animals is Rembrandt Bugatti’s “Deux Elephants se Suivant,” a radical departure from the mythological and commonly exotic representations of the animal in the past. Also on display a monumental model of a Lioness by Georges Lucien Guyot, iconic in its scale the work fundamentally questions our position as common witness and spectator of wildlife. Efforts heralded by these artists also provide a glimpse in the birth of the Art Deco movement such as may be seen in Maurice Prost and Charles Artus's elegant and slick designs. Finally two Stone Sheeps from François Xavier Lalanne complete this historical survey.

The gallery is also happy to showcase longstanding and new collaborations with contemporary artists. Mia Fonssagrives Solow, an american sculptor who has recently joined the gallery is here showing works typical of the whimsical and highly personal style she has developed working with assemblage and recycled objects. Jean Marie Fiori and Daniel Daviau both also represented by gallery Dumonteil over the course of the last twenty years, showcase their extraordinary exploration of exquisite craftsmanship and form. The work of Chinese sculptor Wang Keping also ties this exploration back to eastern philosophies and idioms that may have been crucial to the development of the Art Deco sensibility.

The show will be on display from June 20th and through the Summer 2018.