Wilding Cran Gallery is pleased to present Making the rounds (a place to wait), a new installation by Stephen Neidich, on view in the front gallery. Comprised of long metal chains attached to mechanized camshafts that generate a circular rotation across blocks of urbanite, the resulting sculpture produces a mechanical melody that echoes throughout the gallery. This creates a contradiction of theory and practice – industrial forms rarely induce feelings of serenity, yet there is something hypnotic and oddly calming about the rhythm of metal hitting concrete. Neidich has repurposed but not totally decommissioned these moving parts. He does not attempt to fully disguise their recognizable forms but instead alludes to the performative nature of machines, while focusing on their aesthetic qualities.

For many people living and working in urban areas, Making the rounds (a place to wait) echoes the white noise that soundtracks everyday city life. There is something whimsical in the movement of the chains and the camshafts, as if they are performing a dance. Neidich proves that meditative qualities can still be found even in seemingly inhospitable objects. Visitors are encouraged to circle the piece, experiencing it from different angles on both an audio and visual level.

Making the rounds (a place to wait) is Stephen Neidich’s first show with Wilding Cran Gallery.

Neidich (b. 1984) attended Brown University where he earned a BA in Sculpture in 2008, before relocating to California to complete his MFA at CalArts in 2013. He has held solo shows in Los Angeles at both ltd. los angeles and Central Park Gallery, as well as a performance at Loop Raum fur Aktuelle Kunst in Berlin, Germany. He has also participated in shows at Night Gallery, Kunsthalle Projects (New York, NY), LA><ART, Marvin Gardens (New York, NY), Charlie James Gallery, Current Projects (Miami, FL), and the Underground Museum. His work has been featured in numerous publications including Artillery Magazine, Artforum, i-D Magazine and Art in the Parking Space. Neidich describes his work as kinetic sculptures, which are both familiar and foreign in the context of a gallery. He lives and works in Los Angeles.