The Lodge is pleased to present Skylar Hughes: Warm Into the Day, Skylar's second solo exhibition at The Lodge. On view 8 June - 27 July, 2019. Please join us for an Opening Reception on Saturday 8 June, 6-9pm.

I am interested in painting as the representation of our relationship to and experience of nature. The landscape tradition serves as a ground for loosely representational imagery and abstraction that acts not as a view of a place, but rather the feeling, memory, or dream of one.

As a painter, I acknowledge nature and the painterly process as guides. Varied approaches to the surface emphasize the creative effort. There is belief in both the long arc of labor and the immediate ease of the image emerged; there is acceptance in things working in waves.

Suggestion of natural motifs signify both the permanence and temporality of nature’s imprint: mineral and stone, light and wind, branch and bone - a solid sphere that changes. Through series and in the spirit of modernism’s frankness of construction, the work points towards art making as the embodiment of this process of chance, change, and growth. Out of this natural course, the work acts as a marker of the significance of this moment as a point on a changing line.

Painting is an embrace of the unknown through belief in the human connection, a celebration of life as it is lived: fast and slow, easy and complicated, hesitant and certain, forgotten and remembered.