The gallery is pleased to present the first solo show of Katharina Albers WHAT DREAMS! THOSE FORESTS! at galerie burster karlsruhe. Albers’ unique lithographs depict the forest as a primeval place, wild, rough, an impenetrable natural space and counterworld to everything of a digital and civilized manner. At the same time, Albers’ work seems delicate and light – a remarkable contrast to the complex production process, in which stones of up to several hundred kilograms need to be repeatedly sanded and moved in numerous pressure stages.

Albers however succeeds in maintaining a continuous lightness and easiness in her works – and she invites us to follow her into the forest, her forest, which can reveal so many different moods and facettes, at any day and nighttime, every hour another: sometimes quieting and dark, sometimes springlike and full of light.

Albers reminds us of nature’s beauty following its own temporality and standing solely for itself, revealing itself, but still remaining impenetrable. Katharina Albers (*1985 in Vechta, Germany) is based in Berlin. She graduated 2015 at the Universität der Künste Berlin as a master student of Prof. Thomas Zipp.