Onur’s unique style and sensibility comes from his earlier training as a theatre painter and graphic artist. He innovates with transformed acrylic rolls and ultra-violet paints to render a futuristic dy- namic to his works. Painted in large-scale at public venues, Onur’s works undoubtedly undertake a social mission. In his recent works, Onur reflects on the impact of the stressful and monotonous every-day-life on human psychology. The penetrating power of his murals provide a sense of relief for his au- diences. Onur’s trademark style is hyperrealism and photorealism with a touch of humor and sarcasm.

Insane 51 is an Athens-based muralist. His earlier experience in graffiti led him to become inte- rested in street art, especially the visual sublime and eloquent tension of murals. The artist pioneers in 3D murals, which borrows intricately from both natural light and technology. His specialty in photorealism combined with his innovation in 3D murals renders true magic.

The prototype of the artist’s large-scale, spectacular murals comes from photography, yet the inspiration are in the streets. Although photographs lie at the basis for the artist’s works, he never copy-pastes them exactly as they were. Instead, he recreates them with brilliant colors, surrealist imaginations, and a unique sense of humor.

Since a young age, Smug loved to draw and paint. From an artistic young kid to one of the most respected street artists, he displays intricate techniques transferring the subjects from paper onto the wall, with nothing else but spray cans.

Kaili’s current work examines the social construct around «Youth criminality» and offers alterna- tive perspectives through paintings and film. The work is influenced by his upbringing and expe- riences as a child, but also an on going growing understanding in psychology with research into the process of Normalization of behaviour.

His earlier work looked at different people whose lives have been subjected to globalization and merging cultural influences. From migrants fighting to enter Europe on the Moroccan border, too graffiti painters in Istanbul.

Kaili has had numerous gallery & museum exhibits in Europe and the US. He sold out his gradua- tion show In July of 2018 at WDKA in Rotterdam where he received a bachelors degree in fine arts.

The artist worked as a freelance designer and illustrator engaging with distinctly different forms of art such as mural, 3D sculpture, and painting. His experience and unconstrained spirit make his works always unpredictable and truly original.

Wes 21 communicates his social and environmental commentary with a power visual vocabulary. The wild fantasy and dystopian imagination of his works bring new dynamics to the street art scene. The intricate fusion of nature and technology, the organic and the man-made, reality and fiction, utopia and dystopia appears throughout Wes 21’s works.

Many of Li-Hill’s works attempt to dissect the human psyche, social dilemma, and environmental problems brought by industrialization, information overflow, and technology of modernity. With a versatile background in fine arts, graffiti, and mural painting, Li-Hill develops a unique style featured by multi-layers, complex composition, sense of motion, and intricate details.