A Front Room Favorite! This July 3rd Front Room opens it 15th annual "Summer Sampler" exhibition featuring: Sasha Bezzubov, Thomas Broadbent, Phillip Buehler, Debra Drexler, Jade Doskow, Peter Fox, Sean Hemmerle, Amy Hill, David Kramer, Jesse Lambert, Stephen Mallon, Sascha Mallon, Mark Masyga, Melissa Pokorny, Júlia Pontés, Ross Racine, Ken Ragsdale, Paul Raphaelson, Emily Roz, Ashok Sinha, Patricia Smith, Joanne Ungar, Zoe Wetherall, and Edie Winograde.

"Summer Sampler" offers a selection of works previewing upcoming exhibitions and a review of past exhibitions, with a fresh look at artists' new works.