Greene Naftali is pleased to announce an exhibition of paintings by Konrad Lueg (1939-1996), the first solo gallery exhibition in the United States.

Konrad Lueg was a seminal figure of the German Post-War art scene, first as a painter and later as owner of the legendary Konrad Fischer Galerie. Together with Gerhard Richter, Sigmar Polke, and Manfred Kuttner, Lueg developed the concept of “Capitalist Realism” beginning in the early 1960s. His critique of painting and consumerism included staging impromptu exhibitions in untraditional spaces - in a building slated for demolition, for example, or a furniture store among saleable household items. Lueg continued to develop his own practice over a ten-year period, deeply influenced by American Pop Art. Greene Naftali will present work from 1962-1967, with an emphasis on his paintings that replicate traditional German motifs from everyday items such as wallpaper, towels, and napkins.

This exhibition follows a major retrospective of the artist’s work at MoMA PS1 in 1999.