Hang-Up Gallery are delighted to welcome British artist, writer and Radiohead’s in-house creator, Stanley Donwood to Stoke Newington for Apocalypse Boutique, a retrospective of rare prints and one-off pieces. The exhibition will showcase a fantastically varied series of rare screen-prints, linoprints, etchings and original canvases that Stanley has produced over the last decade.

Amongst the collection will be the last remaining original canvas from the ‘Hail to the Thief’ series, known internationally as the inspiration behind Radiohead’s Number One Grammy Award Winning album. Stanley has been Radiohead’s inhouse artist since he and Thom Yorke met at Exeter University. The powerful visual identity he has created for the band is considered so in tune with Thom’s music that the debate still rages as to whether the pair are one and the same.

Along with his practice, Stanley maintains his own company, ‘Slowly Downward’, which was established in 2004 to produce limited editions of his artwork. The first print to be produced involved the accurate registration of eleven colours, including a colour that that the artist specified should look “like dead flesh”. The result of this first experiment was the print 'Such a Pretty House', a reworking of the artwork Stanley had done some years previously for the Radiohead single 'No Surprises', and the face of the ‘Apocalypse Boutique’ exhibition at Hang-Up Gallery.

Mr. Donwood’s consistent strength is his ability to combine deep, personal and political emotions with modesty and humour. Apocalypse Boutique aims to highlight the artist’s unique style and endless diversity. The artist explains, “Despite the many obstacles and handicaps we have had to overcome, we have done a fuck of a lot of work; filling galleries in London, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Rotterdam, to name four that I can remember. Here in Stoke Newington you can see various examples of what I have painted and what the Manufactory has produced over the years. I hope you like it.”