Erarta Museum presents an exhibition of optical objects and kinetic installations based on mathematical formulas and equations.

Andrey Topunov uses computer graphics to visualise the harmony and beauty of science. For more than 30 years, he has been exploring the concept of motion in static 2D graphics. He references Vasarely’s op art, William Hogarth’s famous The Analysis of Beauty, and M.C. Escher’s metamorphoses. He seems totally uninterested in 3D graphics: various image editor engines which fail to require complete involvement deprive the mathematician of joyous co-creation with the machine.

Topunov’s tools are pixel, raster and vector, or pixel-line-plane. Each image created by the artist is a solved spatial problem. The visual harmony is often based on mathematical formulas whose beauty remains hidden from view. This process might be described as the modelling of reality beyond familiar space.

Andrey Topunov’s artworks re-create for us the freshness of our first encounter with the ideal world of mathematics and logic as we contemplate the harmony of the physical world.