Be-hold announces an on-line auction of photographs on Wednesday July 10th. The auction will feature an exciting selection of photographs that deal with social, political and WWII material as well fine examples of photographic art.

Early selections include an Alexander Gardner photograph of Charles Sumner and Longfellow, “The Politics and Poetics of New England.” Many of the photographs that deal with social history are important vintage press photographs. Two Farm Settle Administration of black subjects by Russell Lee are included. There are many more offerings that deal with black history. An album containing over 100 original photographs fully covers the famous 1910 Jack Johnson - Jim Jeffries fight in Reno. This was a major event in the history of racism as well as one of the greatest prizefights in the sport. There are rare early vintage photographs by Margaret Bourke-White from the 1930’s. Other early examples are by Alfred Eisenstaedt and Dorothea Lange. Seven very rare photographs of San Francisco Chinatown from 1910 are part of the social history offerings.

There are two powerful early Press Print images from W. Eugene Smith’s coverage of the Minimata disaster, and one by Roman Vishniac of “A fool of Novgor0d.” Later-printed political images are by Cornell Capa. A Danny Lyon photograph of Texas prisoners and an early Arthur Tress photograph of “a young hood” holding a plastic flower covered with oil at the Gowanis Canal in Brooklyn deal with social issues. A press print by Ansel Adams of a 1940’s scene in Hornito California is an example of an art photographs first issued as a press print.

A vintage photograph by Margaret Bourke-White shows Russians seeking shelter during an air raid. There are two wartime photographs by Brassai, two by Robert Capa, and others by W. Eugene Smith and Joe Rosenthal.

The auction includes a variety of portraits, including a beautiful one by Frank Eugene. There are others by Frantisek Drdkol, an Indian by Rinehart, figures from literature and art include one by Man Ray, Maillol by Manuel Frères, Paul Morand by Germaine Krull, Leadbelly by Berenice Abbott, one of Robert Rauschenberg and a striking portrait of Jimi Hendrix. There is a tender portrait by Robert Frank of his wife and young child . Margaret Bourke-White shows up in a Hollywood cheesecake photo of her in a bathing suit.

A small group of daguerreotypes features a portrait of an English naval officer with a model of ship. There are two waxed calotype negatives by Dr. John Murray of a scene in India, a group of photographs and books by Sudek, and photographs by Leon Levinstein, Walker Evans, and Ralph Eugene Meatyard. A wonderful offering in the sale is a group of beautiful autochromes including one by Arnold Genthe.